Underlying all of the everyday lives filling the pages of Donna Salli’s majestic, domestic, magical, mysterious A Notion of Pelicans there are always hints of the most significant powers. The book says, “A person will struggle–she’ll fight.  She’ll do just about anything to avoid making a decision she knows she has to make. We have got to be the most perverse creatures on the planet. Something in the human enjoys misery. It keeps us locked away, some in a mansion, some in a hovel. But then, one day—a day you don’t plan, an hour you don’t expect—the door opens. You have what you need, or you receive your answer. It’s so obvious, and so right, and you even have the wherewithal to carry out what you need to carry out. A big angel with flaming eyes and burnished hair might as well have walked through the wall . . .” This is how subtle and shocking Salli’s story is. Such a strong book with so many layers and lives at stake in it.

Dara Wier, Author of You Good Thing

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