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The Secret of Life: Why a Writer Writes

As I write this blog post, it’s twenty-one days until the release of my novel, A Notion of Pelicans. In my next post, I’ll explain the origin of the book—how I came to write it, where the pelicans came from as a motif. I’ve wondered as the publication date has neared...

Where the Sidewalks Ended

My mother and I were standing in the echoing salesroom of the feed store, one of those dusty, mom-and-pop sorts of places you’ll still find in the towns along Lake Superior. Mom was studying a stone urn we were holding between us, our arms wrapped around it in a...

Flames: The Life of a Writer

I like quiet. I like to be alone. I enjoy a social gathering but afterwards need to shut my metaphorical doors and unwind. I like my privacy. This perhaps seems a strange claim, coming from someone who spends a good deal of her time excavating her life and sharing it...

Rocks and Roots

When I was in my late teens—quiet, a bit shy around people I didn’t know well—I was hanging out one day with my cousin, whom I saw often and who knew me as well as anyone. With members of the family, I felt no reserve, and I was carrying on, chattering, about...

The Heart

I always knew I was going to write, to be a writer. When I was four, my family lived in town, close to a high school, and I would watch the kids walking by on their way to-and-from school every day. I remember the acute envy I felt. What I don’t remember, but have...

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